Frank Hartman


Film maker, graphic designer, photographer

As a technically educated visual artist, I like adding order and subtracting the unneccessary. I look at a problem from different angles. I’m quick to assess the available means and how to use them as opportunities.

I love the craft, and I love the process.

In the 80’s, coding games and illustration programmes on a ZX Spectrum homecomputer. Early 90’s was all about pasting typewriter cutouts and photos into skateboarding ‘zines.

Then computers entered the graphic design realm, I started in graphic design and art direction for several magazines.

When the internet became a thing, I got into designing and coding websites, which crossed over into creative coding and VJ-ing.

I ran a studio specializing in corporate identity design for eight years. After that, I got into writing and directing films.

And now I enjoy using these skills in free work and commissioned projects.

Want to make something together, or need something made? Let’s talk!

Let’s make something:

+31 6 46220901