Frank Hartman


Film maker, photographer and graphic designer.

As a technically educated visual artist, I like adding order and subtracting the unneccessary. I look at a problem from different angles. I’m quick to assess the available means and how to use them as opportunities.

I love the craft, and I love the process.

For me, it started in the 80’s. Coding my own games and illustration programmes on a ZX Spectrum homecomputer. Early 90’s was all about pasting typewriter cutouts and photos into skateboarding ‘zines.

So as soon as computers started entering the graphic design realm, I jumped on board, doing graphic design and art direction for several magazines.

Then, when The Internet became a thing, I got into designing and coding websites, which crossed over into creative coding and VJ-ing.

For eight years I ran a studio, specializing in corporate identity design. After that, steering away from graphic design for a while, I got into writing and directing films and picked up photography.

And now I enjoy using all the different things I learned into single- and multidisciplinary projects. As free work, as commissioned projects as well as on an hourly basis.

Want to start something up, or need something made? Let’s talk!


Graphic design of corporate identities

Design and art direction of books and magazines

Writing for film

Directing film


Let’s make something:

+31 6 46220901